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HindusTraditions started as a Hindu devotional repository of temple information, traditions, spiritual information, popular stotras, daily panchangam, festivals information, and many more.

HindusTraditions main objective is to create a repository for all Hindu traditions disappearing nowadays, a guide to our temples, container for stothras, stotras information, daily panchangam, festival information, and many more.

HindusTraditions is the real Hindus Website providing information on all the Santana Dharmas that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. We (HindusTraditions) provide unique and original resources on the beliefs, philosophy, and essential practices of the following religions - Sanatana Dharma, known as Hinduism or Hindu Dharma.


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Our commitment is that we offer unique and valuable information on spiritualism, self-development, and yoga, and valuable resources such as translations of several ancient Hindu manuscripts and articles on the history of Hinduism, symbolism of gods and goddesses, and significance of temples and esoteric practices. We focus on both the spiritual and material progress of our communities. We only follow two rules - "No Conditions and No restrictions for learning" and "Learn Something New Everyday."